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Anyone using animals for teaching or research must be licenced to do so by the Minister and have approval from a South Australian Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).

DEW, Zoos SA and the South Australian Museum have formed a combined animal ethics committee, the Wildlife Ethics Committee (WEC). This committee has the relevant expertise to ensure that wildlife research complies with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013).

Individuals and institutions proposing to undertake research on wildlife, and not otherwise having access to a constituted South Australian animal ethics committee, will be directed by the Minister to use the WEC as a condition of their licence.

The WEC assesses whether or not the use of the animals is justified, that the welfare of those animals is protected, and that the principles of the 3Rs - replacement, reduction and refinement are incorporated into any research proposal.

The WEC meets approximately every eight weeks. You must submit applications to the executive officer by the submission deadlines listed in the table below, to allow for circulation and committee reading time.

For standard vertebrate monitoring and baseline surveys refer to the fauna survey application and consult the guidelines for lodging a wildlife ethics application for statewide fauna surveys.

For standard vertebrate monitoring reports refer to the fauna survey report form.

For all other wildlife research, use the wildlife studies application form and consult the guidelines for submitting an application.

Submit your application as follows:

  • use the email button inside the form to send it to the Wildlife option (plus any affiliated institutions)
  • print the form and send one copy signed by all relevant parties by fax, mail or scanned/emailed to:
    Executive Officer - Wildlife Ethics Committee
    Department for Environment and Water
    GPO Box 1047
    Adelaide, SA 5001

Wildlife Ethics Committee Meetings 2021

Submission Deadline (5 pm) Meeting Date
Monday 25 January Thursday 11 February
Tuesday 9 March Thursday 25 March
Tuesday 27 April Thursday 13 May 
Monday  21 June  Thursday 15 July
Monday 9 August Thursday 26 August
Monday 4 October Thursday 21 October 
Monday 15 November Thursday 2 December

For any enquiries:

More information:

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