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The commercial harvest of kangaroos in South Australia is regulated by state and commonwealth legislation. A quota report is prepared annually for endorsement by the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, before being submitted to the Commonwealth Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

View the 2019 quota report for commercial harvest of kangaroos

View the 2018 quota report for commercial harvest of kangaroos

View the 2017 quota report for commercial harvest of kangaroos.

View the 2016 quota report for commercial harvest of kangaroos.

Annual quotas are set for commercial kangaroo harvest based on the results of an annual aerial survey of kangaroo populations. Aerial surveys of kangaroo populations in the South Australia have been running annually since 1978, covering a survey area of approximately 207,000km2.

The survey is conducted using standard methodology for the aerial survey of kangaroos. Two trained observers seated in the rear seats of the aircraft count kangaroos on the ground in 5km unit lengths. Observers count kangaroos, emus and goats (and other large species of interest, such as camels or horses) within 200m wide strips either side of the aircraft.

To obtain regional density estimates for each kangaroo species, observer tallies are later added and corrected for visibility bias using correction factors for temperature and vegetation cover.

An annual report detailing the previous calendar year's commercial kangaroo harvest is prepared and submitted to the Commonwealth each March. This report provides information on the previous year's quotas and harvest rates, any use of special quota, and details of research involvement. This report also provides details about compliance actions undertaken.

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