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The lighter York was originally built in 1862 for the Pacific & Orient Company's King George's Sound coaling station at Albany, Western Australia, and was beached in the 1920s at Port Flinders on Weerona Island, towards the head of South Australia's Spencer Gulf, between Port Pirie and Port Augusta.

For some time the abandoned vessel was used as a wharf or loading platform for barges carting stone from the island to nearby Port Pirie.


York 1135  

Location: -33.106869*S 138.02827*E

Vessel type: Lighter (cutter)

The 75ft lighter York was originally shipped to Australia in pieces and had an eventful delivery from Albany (King George's Sound) in Western Australia to South Australia. York had a long life with the Adelaide Steam Tug Company before being eventually sold to Port Pirie in 1925. Its final resting place is on the beach of Weerona Island. Very little of the vessel remains, but is still recognisable as a ship.

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