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Census of South Australian vertebrates

The Census of South Australian Vertebrates provides an official listing of taxonomy for all vertebrates known to occur in South Australia.

The third edition, published as "A list of the Vertebrates of South Australia" in 2000, was the first to include distribution maps for all species based on records from the South Australian Museum and the Biological Database of South Australia (BDBSA).It is considered the official reference for these taxon groups.

In January 2009, the fourth edition was published online to allow individual chapters to be updated as necessary. New sections will be added as they are finalised. If the section you require is not available, please use the 3rd edition.

A list of vertebrate names that are currently accepted for entry into the BDBSA can be viewed and downloaded from vertebrate BDBSA taxonomy.

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List of vertebrates of South Australia

4th edition - last additions April 2014

Download the complete Census of South Australian Vertebrates (59mb pdf)

You can also download individual sections:

Section 1 - Introduction & Methods
Section 2 - Mammal Taxonomy

Section 3 - Bird Taxonomy

  • Maps (in prep)

Section 4 - Reptile Taxonomy  

Section 5 - Amphibians
Section 6 - Freshwater Fishes (in prep) 
Section 7  - Species Number Index


A List of the Vertebrates of South Australia (3rd edition)

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