Native vegetation clearance forms

We recommend that you submit applications at least 10 weeks before you require a decision.  

You may need to apply for approval before causing substantial damage to native plants, including dead trees that may provide habitat for animals.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • the cutting down, destruction or removal of whole plants
  • the removal of branches, limbs, stems or trunks (including brushcutting and woodcutting)
  • burning
  • poisoning
  • slashing of understorey
  • drainage and reclamation of wetlands
  • grazing by animals (in some circumstances).

This applies to all naturally occurring native vegetation on public and private land throughout South Australia, with the exception of some areas of metropolitan Adelaide (see our maps to find out if your area is exempt).

To find out if you need to apply, check instructions about your proposed clearance activity.

Application forms

Note - Even if the Native Vegetation Council (NVC) approves your clearance application you may still have to apply to your local council or other relevant organisation for additional approvals.

Application to clear under the Regulations

Use this form if your proposed clearance is listed in the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017 (check our clearing page to see if it is).

Application to clear under the Act

Use this form if your proposed clearance is not listed in the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017. 

Submit your application

Send your completed clearance application, including all required attachments, to:


Native Vegetation Council
GPO Box 1047
Adelaide SA 5001

Guide for applications to clear

For detailed information on the application and assessment process and how it works, read our Guide for applications to clear native vegetation

The guide explains the assessment criteria for clearance applications made under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 versus the Native Vegetation Regulations 2017.

Consider other Acts

Approval to remove vegetation does not give you consent under other Acts, such as the Development Act 1993. 

Also, the NVC encourages you to also consider if activities could impact sites of indigenous significance. Please refer to the Department of State Development's Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation for further information.

Further information

For further assistance with your clearance application and native vegetation management plans, including ones that have been submitted and are awaiting approval, contact DEWNR's Native Vegetation Branch on (+61 8) 8303 9777 or