Filming and photography

National parks and reserves

If you are planning to undertake any filming or still photography in South Australia’s parks and reserves for commercial purposes* you may be required to obtain a permit. However if your activity involves no more than one camera operator and one assistant and will occur in areas normally available to the public a permit may not be required. 

News services (television, radio, print and internet) will not require a permit but should contact our media unit on (08) 8463 7437 to discuss your intended activity.

In all cases you will be required to follow the Guidelines for Commercial Filming and Photography in Parks. Permits will include additional conditions according to the nature of the activity.

To enquire whether your filming or photography activity will require a permit, or you have any other enquires, please contact the Customer Service Centre on (08) 8463 3999 or

*Filming or photography is defined as ‘commercial’ when it intends to promote a product or service or achieve financial gain. 

How to apply

To apply for a permit download the appropriate application form to film/photograph in reserves:

Permit type Find out more
One-off projects filming and photography permit application form For ‘one-off’ commercial filming or still photography projects only
Annual photography permit application form To undertake still photography for commercial purposes on a regular basis  
Flinders Ranges National Park permit application form For commercial filming or still photography in Flinders Ranges National Park.
See the Flinders Ranges National Park commercial filming and photography information pack.
Lake Gairdner National Park permit application form For commercial filming or still photography in Lake Gairdner National Park.
See the Lake Gairdner National Park zone map.

Applications to film or photograph will need to provide sufficient information to demonstrate the intended activity is consistent with the objectives of the relevant Act and park management plan and will not impact on the park or other users. Applicants are also encouraged to refer to the relevant regulations to ensure any associated activity is not otherwise prohibited. Refer to the relevant Regulations below:

Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your application to be processed prior to your intended activity. It is recommended you provide at least 21 days* notice. Late fees apply for applications received with less than 14 days notice.

*Co-managed parks

Some parks are managed jointly with Aboriginal people. This is referred to as cooperative management. Where this co-management occurs, it may take longer to process your application. Please contact us to discuss any additional requirements if your intended activity involves any of the following parks:

Permit fees

Fee type Description Cost
Video or motion filming Full day (4hrs - 7.5hrs) 
Per hour or part thereof $135
Still photography Daily $205
Late application fee Less than 14 days prior to the date of filming $110
Staff assistance Full day (4hrs - 7.5hrs)
Half day (up to 4 hrs) $444
Hourly (up to 2 hours or in excess of 7.5hrs) $135
Weekend loading 100% of above
Public holiday loading 200% of above
Environmental impact bond  Refundable, returned after impact assessment $1000
Lake Gairdner National Park Please refer to Lake Gairdner National Park Filming Application

Marine Parks

South Australia’s marine park network offers world class filming and photography opportunities. Find out more about permits for filming and photography in marine parks.  

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide offers Adelaide’s most spectacular filming locations with a wide range of natural scenic backdrops, glasshouses and period architecture. Find out more about permits for filming and photography in the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide