Allow up to eight weeks for your permit application to be processed.

Do you wish to keep or sell a native animal for its scientific or biological products, such as snake venom, without actually carrying out research? You must hold a permit for this. The term 'sell' includes swap or give away.

The permit entitles the holder to keep, sell or give, and use native animals for scientific purposes, or purposes related to the production of biological products. The permit is required whether or not the products are for commercial gain.

The permits below are for animals that are in captivity. You need a separate permit if you want to take native animals from the wild.

What species of animal can I keep for scientific or biological products?

You can keep or sell most native animals to access their products for scientific or biological purposes. You need a permit to keep any protected native animal for scientific or biological products.

Dingoes may not be kept south of the dog fence. See the Biosecurity SA website for information about dingoes and the dog fence.

What permit do I need?

  • You need a permit to keep or sell native animals from which biological products are extracted, such as snake venom. To apply for this permit, complete the online form. Permit holders must comply with the conditions of the Class 6 permit, and certain requirements of the regulations.
  • You need to seek approval to keep a native animal for scientific or biological products at a new or alternative location to the premises for which you already hold a permit. Apply to add additional premises to your permit

What if I want to carry out scientific research?

If you want to carry out scientific research, and not just access the animal’s products, you need to obtain a Scientific Research Permit.