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Take from the Wild Permits (unprotected)

Galahs and/or little corellas

Galahs and little corellas are unprotected native fauna. They may be shot by landowners and their employees without a permit. If however, destruction involves the trapping and gassing of animals you must always have a permit.

Under the National Parks and Wildlife (Hunting) Regulations 1996, you must have a permit to take galahs or little corellas from the wild for the live pet trade. The approved methods for their removal are trapping (eg book net or pull net) and removing young birds from nest hollows.

Approximately one thousand birds are taken this way each year and sold in the commercial pet trade. The permits come with conditions for hand-raising young birds and prohibit habitat destruction when taking birds from tree hollows.

Take from the nest

A permit is required to take galahs and little corellas from the nest. The maximum number of birds that can be taken under this permit is 150. Only one permit will be granted per season. The birds cannot be sold until they can fly and/or feed themselves.

Interference with the nest of any other protected species is an offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 and penalties apply.

Take by trapping

All juvenile galahs and little corellas taken under a trapping permit must be two thirds feathered (body fully feathered and tail not fully extended) before being taken from the nest.

The birds cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of until they:

  • have been held in captivity for 14 days
  • are free flying and fully independent.

The maximum number of birds that can be taken under this permit is 150. Only one permit will be granted per season and the permit duration will not exceed three months.

Written permission of landowner

You must have prior written permission from a landowner to be on their land for the purposes of taking galahs or little corellas. This applies to:

  • private land
  • land held by a Minister, agent or instrumentality of the Crown
  • unalienated land of the Crown.

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