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Take from the Wild Permit (unprotected animals)

Galahs and/or Little Corellas

Galahs and little corellas are considered unprotected native fauna. This means landowners may destroy galahs and little corellas by use of firearm without a permit. A permit is required if you intend to destroy galahs or little corellas by any method other than shooting, such as to trap and use carbon dioxide narcosis.

A permit is required to trap or take galahs or little corellas, or the eggs of galahs and little corellas, from the wild.

You must have prior written permission from a landowner to be on their land for the purposes of taking galahs or little corellas. This applies to:

  • private land
  • land held by a Minister or agent of the Crown
  • unalienated land of the Crown.

Contact the Fauna Permits Unitfor further information relating to permits to take galahs and little corellas by trapping.