A region-based approach to adaptation

South Australia’s adaptation framework, Prospering in Changing Climate: A Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia supports the development of locally relevant adaptation responses across the South Australian government regions recognising that the economic, social and environmental impacts of climate change will vary across the State.

Regional leaders including Councils, Natural Resources Management Boards, Local Government Associations and Regional Development Australia have partnered with the State Government to develop regional adaptation plans. 

Regional climate change adaptation plans have been developed in all 12 State Government regions. 

The regions developed their adaptation action plans in two stages. The first stage was to develop integrated vulnerability assessments (IVA), which identified the key risks to industry, community and the natural environment. The second stage saw the regions building on the IVAs, by identifying and prioritising adaptation options with the community, including their regional values, and identifying appropriate timescales for implementing adaptation actions.

Currently, all regions are looking to progress and implement their priority actions from their adaptation plans, and to reduce regional vulnerability. 

In 2013, South Australia’s regional approach in developing the Climate Change Adaptation Framework was awarded the 2013 National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility’s Adaptation Champions Award, and the 2013 Resilient Australia National Award.

Regions’ first hand experiences with the adaptation planning process is provided in this short video, created in 2014.

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