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Industry Climate Change Conference 2023

The South Australian Government brought together business and industry to discuss emission reduction at the inaugural Industry Climate Change Conference 2023. The conference took place on Thursday 20 April – Friday 21 April 2023 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The Conference brought together 857 industry, business, and government representatives from across South Australia to work on further reducing emissions and set the pathways towards a net zero future.

Day 1 involved keynote speakers, panel sessions and more intimate industry interviews. On day 2 eight workshop sessions were held during which conference delegates discussed;

1. Decarbonising Transport

2. Consumer expectations of a net zero future

3. Pathways to decarbonise construction, buildings, and public infrastructure,

4. Regulatory mechanisms to achieve net zero

5. Decarbonising the livestock sector

6. How emissions reduction in wine production can help improve export outcomes

7. Greening manufacturing

8. Fundamentals of carbon accounting.

The program involved 60 speakers across the two days, including keynote speakers, panel sessions, and case study presentations.

Further details of outputs from the Conference are provided at the links below:

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