Native Vegetation Council

The Native Vegetation Council (NVC) is an independent body established by the Native Vegetation Act 1991. The NVC monitors the overall condition of the state’s vegetation and makes decisions on a wide range of matters concerning native vegetation in South Australia.

Its responsibilities include:

The seven NVC members are appointed by the Governor of South Australia. They come from a range of backgrounds and have knowledge and experience in the preservation and management of native vegetation.

Current NVC members are:




Presiding Member



Conservation Council nominee

Maurice Colm Roche

Jeanette Ann Gellard

NRM Council nominee

Penelope Ann Paton

Roger Barrington Wickes

SA Farmers Federation nominee

Emie Louise Borthwick

Roger David Farley

LGA nominee

Barry Kym McHugh

Helen Anne MacDonald

Minister's representative

Bruce Conrad Munday

Joseph Lindsay Keynes


Native Vegetation Council
GPO Box 1047
Adelaide 5001 SA
Phone: (08) 8303 9741