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Sustainability report 2016-17

Since consolidating its Waymouth Street office in 2016, DEWNR’s fitout of the building has now achieved a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Green Star is an internationally recognised system for rating environmental efficiencies and sustainability of commercial residential or public buildings. The GBCA awarded DEWNR a 6 Green Star rating for the Waymouth St building under its V1 Interiors Fitout Rating Tool. The building is one of the first in Australia to achieve this rating under the rating tool. Achieving a 6 star Green Star rating is considered ‘World Leadership’ by the GBCA.

The Waymouth Street offices contain more than 264 bike parks and lockers, to promote low carbon commuting to work. In 2016-17 these facilities were enhanced with the addition of change rooms, in addition to existing separate shower/change facilities. In 2016, DEWNR hosted an event at its offices in association with National Ride2Work Day.

The sustainability of the Waymouth Street office was also enhanced in 2016-17 with the inclusion of new collection facilities to divert soft plastics from landfill. This new segregation for soft plastics, was done in addition to previously existing organics, co-mingled, paper and cardboard, and general waste collections.

In 2016-17 DEWNR participated in the Government Buildings Energy Efficiency Investment (GBEEI) program to improve the energy and water efficiency of its owned offices and operational building portfolio. As an extension to this exercise, it commenced Level 2 Energy Audits of its leased office portfolio, with a view to undertake water and energy efficiency opportunities in partnership with building owners.

The DEWNR capital program also funded a planning project in 2016-17 to improve efficiency of its numerous remote area (solar) power systems.