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Landscapes and natural resources are managed and sustained

What success looks like

An integrated whole-of-landscape approach to natural resources management has empowered, resilient regional communities working collaboratively to help ensure the sustainable management and productive use of the state’s natural resources.


 our goals - natural resources




  • implement Landscape SA reform (subject to Parliamentary processes) and transition from regional natural resources management boards to Landscape boards

  • support Landscape and Green Adelaide boards to enable communities to have a greater voice in how natural resources are managed

  • support Natural Resource Management boards to deliver Regional NRM plans; meet legislative requirements; and transition NRM business to Landscape and Green Adelaide boards

  • support Landscape boards in the development of a grassroots grants program in each region to help fund the activities of community organisations in managing natural resources

  • support Landscape boards to develop five-year regional plans that focus on soil and water management, pest plant and animal control, and nature stewardship

  • develop a state landscape strategy that provides a vision for managing the state’s natural resources and establishes funding principles for the Landscape Priorities Fund

  • establish the statewide Landscape Priorities Fund to enable investment in integrated landscape restoration projects

  • improve pest plant and animal control and support streamlined compliance targeting issues of greatest risk

  • promote collaboration between farmers, government and researchers to ensure that soil resources are managed sustainably and support improved farming practices.


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