Plans for managing natural resources

State Natural Resources Management Plan

The NRM Council has responsibility for preparing and maintaining the State Natural Resources Management Plan. Our Place. Our Future. State Natural Resources Management Plan 2012-2017 (3.27mb pdf) sets a long term vision and goals, with priorities identified for the next five years.
The Plan contains policy for the overarching management of South Australia's natural resources. It provides a framework for all natural resources management initiatives, including regional NRM Plans and agency activities. This Plan also takes into account the objectives of South Australia's Strategic Plan.

Regional Natural Resources Management Plans

Each of the eight regional NRM boards develop their own Regional NRM Plans to meet their diverse environmental needs. The boards’ insight and knowledge of their local ecosystems ensures that the Plans are relevant and take into account important issues and threats.

These plans are approved by Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation and prepared in consultation with the community, councils, industry, DEWNR and other government agencies.

View the Region Natural Resources Management Plans for each region:

Water Allocation Plans

Regional NRM boards also use the Regional and State NRM Plans to guide the development of Water Allocation Plans (WAP). Designed to ensure the responsible allocation and management of water resources, each WAP is developed in consultation with DEWNR, the Minister for Water and the community.

Note: Kangaroo Island NRM Region does not publish a separate WAP, their Water Resources Management policies are outlined in Volume 3 of their Regional NRM Plan.

Water For Good Plan

This plan was developed by the South Australian Government in 2009 to provide our state with the most secure water supply system in southern Australia. Its vision is that Greater Adelaide will not need water restrictions – beyond permanent water conservation measures – more than once in every 100 years.

The plan outlines 94 actions we are taking to create more water and to better use the water that we do have. For example, we’re already drawing less water from the River Murray since the Adelaide Desalination Plant started running in late 2012.

Water for Good also outlines ways we can recycle stormwater and wastewater to take even further pressure off the Murray and other rain-dependent sources of water.

River Murray Annual Environmental Watering Plans

These plans are critical to improving the health of the River Murray. Within them, environmental watering priorities – such as preferred timing and volumes – are outlined to enable the provision of water for use at priority sites.

Climate change framework

The Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia sets the foundation to develop well-informed and timely actions to be better prepared for the impacts of climate change.  It is intended to guide action by government agencies, local government, non-government organisations, business and the community.

Other plans

Due to the size of some of the regions, environmental diversity within regions is expanded on and managed by additional or issue specific plans.

Other types of plans include:

  • land management plans
  • coastal plans
  • estuary plans
  • pest management plans.

These plans can be found on the regional Natural Resources' websites.