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New direction for a climate smart South Australia

A new paper has been released which outlines South Australia’s commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change – improving environmental outcomes and creating new job opportunities.

The new 'Directions for a Climate Smart South Australia' paper will guide climate smart planning and action across government.

The Directions for a Climate Smart South Australia paper looks at five practical policy directions to help guide government planning including:

  • unlock innovation and economic opportunity
  • reduce net emissions
  • build resilience and adapt
  • provide accessible information
  • government leading by example.

Directions for a Climate Smart South Australia sets the government’s agenda for practical action to harness economic opportunities, create jobs, reduce emissions and help South Australians adapt to a changing climate.

South Australia is leading in affordable and reliable renewable energy and we can build on this position of strength to develop new climate smart services and industries, such as clean energy through hydrogen.

Climate change is increasingly being factored into government decisions and there is a lot of work underway across government to help people, places and the economy to adapt.

Initiatives such as our $52 million investment to secure the future of our coasts, as well as Green Adelaide, and the Greener Neighbourhoods program will help us achieve more climate resilient, ecologically vibrant and liveable places.

The Chair of the Premier’s Climate Change Council Martin Haese said the government’s directions statement highlights the critical link between climate change and our economic growth and community wellbeing.

“The physical impacts of climate change and the global transition to a low carbon economy presents both opportunities and challenges for South Australia’s economic growth and employment,” said Mr Haese.

“By becoming ‘climate smart’, we can build on the state’s current leadership position and capitalise on increasing demand for clean energy, climate resilient food and fibre production, and new technology.

“A well-planned government response to climate change can also help to preserve and enhance the liveability of our state.”

Directions for a Climate Smart South Australia will guide climate smart planning and action across government. 

It sets the agenda for a new whole of government climate change strategy, due for completion in early 2020, and for the delivery of government initiatives such as a Hydrogen Action Plan, Blue Carbon Strategy and an Electric Vehicle Strategy.

For a copy of Directions for a Climate Smart South Australia visit the Department for Environment and Water website.

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