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Frequently asked questions

Working at DEW

What job and work experience opportunities are available at DEW?

To find out what job opportunities, graduate programs and traineeships are available visit the I Work For SA website and search for vacancies advertised by DEW.

To apply for work experience, you will need to register your interest through the work experience application form.

There are also many volunteering opportunities around the state for you to get involved in.

Plants and animals

Do I need a permit to buy and/or sell native animals?

You need a permit for some native animals. Find out if you need a permit.

Do I need a permit to catch and/or keep native animals?

You need a permit for some native animals. Find out if you need a permit.

Do I need to include my permit details when advertising to sell native animals?

You must include your permit number in the advertisement when selling native animals. Learn more about keeping and selling native animals.

How do I report feral/nuisance animals in national parks?

Contact the nearest natural resources centre.

Who do I contact about sick or injured wild animals?

How do I manage pest plants and animals on my property?

Find advice and information relevant to the region you live in:
Visit the State Flora or download the Nursery Catalogue.

I am after a specific plant. Where can I get this from?

Contact State Flora who grow a wide range of plants suitable for South Australia’s unique climate and soil conditions – both urban and rural.

Who can help me identify a plant?

Visit the State Herbarium’s reference collection. A staff member is onsite every Thursday morning to help you. You can also use online tools at

Land and water

What is being done to look after the River Murray?

We are working hard to protect and improve the River Murray and Coorong in South Australia. Learn more about what we are doing.

Do I need a water licence or permit?

You may need a licence or permit if you are planning an activity that could impact on a water resource or an ecosystem that depends on one. Find out more about water licences and permits.

What is the regional landscape levy used for?

The regional landscape levy supports projects that protect and enhance our state’s natural resources and encourage their sustainable use. To find out what projects are happening in your area select a region below:

Marine parks and fishing

How can I report fishing quotas being exceeded?

Contact FishWatch on 1800 065 522 or

Why are fishing zones not physically marked in the ocean?

Most people are already familiar with using GPS coordinates or landmarks to find their fishing spots. DEW has developed a range of products to help people find the sanctuary zones in which fishing restrictions apply. To find out where the sanctuary zones are visit Marine Parks.

How do I go about identifying an animal from the ocean?

Contact your local natural resources centre or refer to one of the following resources:

National parks and botanic gardens

Where can I find the opening times of national parks and botanic gardens?

Visit National Parks and Wildlife Service's website for opening times of the state's national parks.

View the opening times for the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.

How do I buy a parks pass?

You can buy a parks pass online or in person at a natural resource centre or park visitor centre.

Are concession rates available for parks passes?

Are camp fires allowed in national parks?

Camp fires are allowed at certain times of the year in some national parks. Find out what restrictions apply on each park page.

Are dogs allowed in national parks?

Dogs are permitted in some national parks. View a list of parks where you can take your dog.

School projects

Where can I find information about the state’s environment for my school project?

Landscape South Australia's websites have an extensive range of educational resources to help with school projects. Select a region below to find out more.