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River Murray water allocations open at 100 per cent

For the second year straight South Australian River Murray water users will start the water year with 100 per cent of their allocation.

River Murray water allocations open at 100 per cent

River Murray inflows over the last three months have been some of the highest on record for this time of year. These conditions have benefited the environments that rely on the water and have also meant that water users have needed to draw less water from the river for irrigation.

These factors have boosted Murray-Darling Basin storages to 94 per cent of their capacity which is 27 per cent above the long-term average for the end of June.

In line with the River Murray Water Allocation Plan, private carryover will not be available in 2022‑23 as the projected minimum opening allocation announced on 14 April 2022 was greater than 50 per cent.

For more information visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority website.