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NSW, SA and ACT establish new international Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum

The New South Wales, South Australian and Australian Capital Territory governments have reached an agreement to help solve the practical problems of reaching net zero emissions.

NSW, SA and ACT establish new international Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum
NSW, SA and ACT governments have joined forces to achieve net zero emissions

The Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum, initiated by the NSW, SA and ACT governments, is a collaboration designed to help sub-national jurisdictions to achieve net zero emissions.

The Forum will provide a suite of policies and resources that can help members reduce their emissions, and grow their economies.

Sub-national governments around the world are encouraged to join, and help create the low carbon jobs and industries of the future while leaving a better planet for the next generation.

The forum’s purpose is to:

  • provide a repository of existing policies and resources that can be accessed by participants
  • facilitate collaboration between governments to design policies and to work together to achieve net zero emissions
  • enable problem solving to address policy challenges and speed up the transition to net zero.

The Forum is connected to the Under2 Coalition, a group of more than 220 sub-national governments, and will be supported by the Climate Group and ClimateWorks Australia. It will be directed by a Ministerial Group which will set the priorities for research and collaboration.

NSW will chair the Ministerial Group for the first 12 months. As the Forum grows, it is expected that it will be co-chaired by a leading sub-national government from overseas.

The Forum was announced during COP26 in Glasgow. For information on South Australia’s engagement in COP26, visit www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/climate-change/cop26.