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Grants program to boost suburban greenery

Suburban Adelaide Councils will be eligible for State Government support to implement practical measures to reduce the effects of climate change thanks to a new grants program.

Grants program to boost suburban greenery

The State Government’s $2 million Greener Adelaide Grant Program will be available to South Australia’s 17 metropolitan councils.

The aim of the grants is to boost greenery, cool temperatures, improve air and water quality, provide habitat for wildlife and connect people with nature.

Department for Environment and Water spokesperson Julia Grant said this is the first time a state government has focussed its efforts on metropolitan Adelaide to create a climate resilient city with increased efforts on greening suburban streets and public spaces.

“After a particularly hot summer, everyone in Adelaide knows what it’s like to experience heatwaves, with increased health impacts on our community, and increased pressure on our emergency services, our electricity supply and water resources,” Ms Grant said.

“Evidence shows that increased canopy coverage and increased water sensitive design in our suburbs will go a long way to reduce the heat impacts in our community. Shade trees can cool areas by two to three degrees in the day and four to five degrees at night.”

The first round of grants will have up to $1 million available and will be open to metropolitan councils to help keep the state’s suburban streets green and cool.

Ms Grant said the best cities are those that contain thriving natural environments.

“Adelaide’s tree coverage is amongst the lowest of Australia’s capital cities at 27 per cent. These grants will help metropolitan councils to increase greenery and make Adelaide a more liveable city.”

The first round of grants is open from now until August 2.

Successful grant applicants will need to match funds dollar for dollar. For further information on the Greener Neighbourhood Grant Program, including guidelines, visit: https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/green-adelaide/greener-neighbourhoods-grants

The Greener Neighbourhood Grant Program will be a pillar of the development of a Green Adelaide Board as part of the Landscapes SA natural resources management reform presently before Parliament, to drive a much needed greening agenda across our suburbs.

In addition to cooling Adelaide’s streets, other key priorities for Green Adelaide will be driving an integrated approach to urban water and coastal management, enhancing biodiversity across suburbs and connecting the community to nature.

“It’s important that we start integrating how we manage our urban environment in a connected way, from the hills to the sea,” Ms Grant said.

“While the Green Adelaide agenda will be ambitious it will deliver practical outcomes that will shape a climate resilient city for future generations.”