Prescribed burn at Dudley Conservation Park

Date posted: 18 Oct. 2023

A prescribed burn is planned at Dudley Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island, on Thursday 19 October 2023, weather conditions permitting.

  • The burn will start at 10.30am and is likely to be completed by 8pm on Thursday 19 October.
  • The area to be burnt is 86 hectares within the park, on the southern side of East West Rd. The park is 2.5km south of the Baudin Beach township.
  • The burn aims to create a low-fuel area to reduce the risk of a bushfire spreading through the area.
  • Smoke could remain in the area for some time, potentially affecting Hog Bay Rd and East West Rd. Sunquist and Shearman Fire Access Tracks will be closed to the public during the burn.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service crews will remain on site until safe.

NPWSSA conducts a statewide program of prescribed burns to reduce the spread and intensity of bushfires, protect communities and enhance biodiversity. Prescribed burning is just one tool used to reduce fuel loads across strategic areas of public and private land. Prescribed burns will only be carried out when it is deemed safe to do so and may be cancelled at short notice if conditions change.

For the most up-to-date information on prescribed burns follow @SAEnvirWater on X (formerly Twitter).

A list of planned prescribed burns is available on the DEW website.