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Patawalonga South Gates replacement. Construction starting mid-2024.

McMahon Services Australia, on behalf of the Department for Environment and Water and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, will be undertaking works to upgrade the Patawalonga South Gates from mid-2024.

Patawalonga South Gates replacement. Construction starting mid-2024.

A project to modernise the gate infrastructure to today’s standards to ensure ongoing effective, safe and reliable operation will commence in the upcoming weeks and is expected to be completed in mid-2025.

The new stainless-steel gates have a lifespan of up to 50 years without the need for refurbishment, ensuring flood mitigation for the local area can continue into the future. The upgrade will secure a quality marine environment for recreational use to be enjoyed by the local community and visitors to South Australia.

Located at the Glenelg Marina, the South Gates structure is made up of 8 automated motor-driven lift gates, a walkway connecting Glenelg and Glenelg North, and a boat lock. The South Gates automatically rise and lower to regulate water levels in the Patawalonga Lake System, circulating fresh seawater in the system to keep it healthy.

As part of the construction phase, all 8 gates, the lifting components and the electrical control system will be replaced. A temporary walkway will be built on the western side of the barrage to allow safe pedestrian crossing during construction. At times, the walkway and boat lock will be inaccessible to allow barrage access for machinery. Where possible, these closures will be kept to a minimum.

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