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Granite Island to close at night during Schoolies Festival

Granite Island Recreation Park will be closed at night during this year’s Schoolies Festival, between 17 November and 22 November.

Granite Island to close at night during Schoolies Festival

The closure will be in place from 7pm to 5.30am each night, when large numbers of school leavers will visit Victor Harbor.

It will be the 23rd consecutive year when Granite Island Recreation Park has been partially closed during the Schoolies Festival.

National Parks and Wildlife Service District Ranger Paul Unsworth said the closure was in place to reduce the impact of large numbers of visitors to the island, particularly during the evening when the island’s little penguin population is active.

“Visitors are able to visit the island as normal during the day, from very early in the morning through to the evening closure at 7pm,” he said.

“A pedestrian access gate on the causeway operates from late afternoon each day. This is to provide a barrier to foxes that may try to cross to the island.

"People accessing the island from late afternoon should take care to ensure the gate is closed behind them.

“The closure is precautionary and will reduce risk and help protect the island’s wildlife.”

The National Parks & Wildlife Service would like to thank the Victor Harbor Community for ongoing support, especially during this time of this year.