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New public campgrounds planned for Riverland game reserve

Public camping facilities offering greater opportunities for visitors to appreciate a popular Riverland location are being planned by the Department for Environment and Water.

New public campgrounds planned for Riverland game reserve

Chowilla Game Reserve, just north of Renmark, is home to diverse wildlife and provides great opportunities for the public to enjoy secluded bush camping.

The campsites – to be managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service – would be located on public land and available for community enjoyment.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Regional Operations Director Stuart Paul said the reserve was a site of high conservation value and was recognised as a Riverland Wetland of International Importance declared under the Ramsar convention.

He said the new Monomon Creek campgrounds, which could include a sheltered area, fire pits and interpretive signage, would be popular with visitors.

“Currently there are no public camping facilities at this location but, once established, visitors will be able to book the new campsites through the National Park and Wildlife Services website,’’ Mr Paul said.

“The development of the new campground enables this popular section of the Chowilla Game Reserve to be open for the broader public.’’

Mr Paul said plans for the new campgrounds were in the early stages of development.

The flood-damaged structure known locally as Foley’s Shack will be removed from the bank of Monomon Creek to make way for the public campground and visitor use area.

Tjowilla (Chowilla) is the traditional lands of the First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee and is one of the six Living Murray icon sites in the southern Murray-Darling Basin.