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Snakes on a plain - how you can stay safe

The breeding season for South Australia’s snakes has started and now is the time to keep an eye out across urban and regional areas so you can stay safe.

Snakes on a plain - how you can stay safe

As temperatures start to rise, snakes become more active and begin looking for food sources and mates for breeding.

This has prompted the Department for Environment and Water to advise people to remain vigilant about increased snake activity.

DEW Principal Ecologist Dr Karl Hillyard said it was important to remember that while the most commonly seen snakes were venomous, they are generally shy and did not normally attack unless provoked.

“Snakes are found all over the state, including metropolitan Adelaide,” he said.

“You can avoid snakes on your property by keeping your yard clear of long grass or piles of rubbish so they have nowhere to hide. If you do happen to spot one, it’s best to just leave it be.”

Dr Hillyard said it was always best to be extra careful and not put your hands and feet into any spots you could not see.

Snakes are protected native animals and play an important part in the ecosystem, particularly in helping to control rats and mice.

Here is what to do if you see a snake:

  • Keep well away.
  • Do not try to catch or kill it yourself. This is when most bites happen.
  • If you see a snake inside, watch where it goes, keep children and pets away, and then call a licensed snake catcher to remove it.
  • If the snake is outside and heading towards bushland or a field, leave it alone. Most snakes are not aggressive and will not chase you.
  • If a person is bitten, call 000. Wrap a pressure bandage tightly over the area of the bite, and use a second bandage and splints to immobilise the limb. Keep the person calm and still until you can get medical help.

For more information about how to maintain your property to reduce the likelihood of snakes, visit: https://www.environment.sa.gov...