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River Murray flows remain within forecast limits

The latest River Murray flow update shows the peak flow of floodwater is due in Renmark around the end of December and will be between 190 and 220 gigalitres a day.

River Murray flows remain within forecast limits

This prediction is largely consistent with previous projections.

Current flows across the border are in the order of 180 gigalitres a day.

Should flows reach 200GL a day, the water level at Lock 5 near Renmark is forecast to be around 18.8 metres AHD.

River communities should consider this as part of their flood emergency preparedness and factor in potential road and ferry closures, disruptions to the power network and reduced services.

Last week, emergency services personnel began door-knocking homes at risk of inundation and as of last night 5083 premises had been checked. Of those, 1100 properties are still occupied, with 647 indicating an intent to remain on their property once floodwaters arrive.

Of the residents that have advised they intend to leave once flooding occurs, 290 households consisting of 538 adults and 68 children people will require emergency accommodation. A total of 703 properties have so far been inundated.

There are presently 1850 electricity disconnections across at-risk areas, and SA Power Networks are continually assessing the need for further disconnections as water rises.

People are reminded not to go within 50 metres of submerged electricity poles including in canoes, kayaks, surf skis or rowboats.

The SA Housing Authority has established Emergency Relief Centre’s in Berri and Mannum where the public can access information and apply for various forms of support, including financial relief and emergency accommodation. People can call the Relief Information line on 1800 302 787 seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.

There is emergency accommodation available for those needing to leave their homes and 170 booking requests have so far been received.

The state government announced an initial $51.6 million financial assistance package for River Murray communities, households and businesses who will be affected by large-scale flooding.

This includes one-off Personal Hardship Emergency Grants of $400 for an individual, or up to $1000 for a family for those displaced from their homes, rental assistance, grants for generator purchase and Early Business Closure grants of up to $20,000.

Further details on the assistance and how to access it can be found at sa.gov.au/floods

The Commonwealth Government has also activated Disaster Recovery Allowance for workers who have lost income as a result of the floods. Further information can be found at servicesaustralia.gov.au/support-for-people-affected-south-australian-floods-november-2022

The Lyrup, Mannum Upstream, Morgan and Swan Reach ferries are now closed. Walker Flat is likely to be closed this week while Waikerie has moved ferry access to the higher landing.

Alternative river crossings for the Swan Reach ferry are the Walker Flat ferry or Murray Bridge (downstream) and Blanchetown Bridge (upstream). For the Morgan ferry, the alternative river crossings are the Cadell ferry (upstream) and the Blanchetown Bridge (downstream).

People wanting more information on the River Murray flood event can call River Murray hotline on 1800 362 361 anytime.

Blackwater events in South Australia are still a likelihood and any fish kills observed in the wild should be reported to the FISHWATCH 24-hour hotline on 1800 065 522.

High flow maps, updated FAQs and new estimated arrival charts are available on the DEW website here.