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River Murray peak flow projections raised to 150GL a day as communities urged to prepare

River Murray peak flow projections have again increased to at least 150 gigalitres a day based on new advice provided to the State Government.

River Murray peak flow projections raised to 150GL a day as communities urged to prepare

The peak flow is still expected to arrive at the South Australian border in early December and flows expected to remain above 100GL/day throughout January and possibly beyond.

The State Government is urging river communities to plan and prepare for the possibility of a higher peak due to uncertainties in flow forecasting.

There remains a moderate probability of 165 GL/day peak flows based on improved forecast accuracy or rainfall close to the SA border.

There remains a low probability of 180 GL/day peak flows, which communities should consider in their flood emergency preparedness.

The flood pulse is due to move past the Edward-Wakool system in New South Wales and rejoin the main river in mid-November, providing upstream agencies with greater ability to accurately predict the likely flow at the SA border.

Water levels at the Wakool Junction gauge are rising earlier and faster than earlier modelling had indicated.

The Government also continues to closely monitor blackwater in South Australia, where low dissolved oxygen levels have been recorded, as temperatures increase.

Blackwater, which is caused by the degradation of large amounts of organic matter washing into the river from the floodplains in NSW and Victoria, is starting to affect the river upstream. Some isolated fish deaths have been reported.

Any fish kills observed in the wild should be reported to the FISHWATCH 24-hour hotline on 1800 065 522. Further information is available from the Biosecurity page of PIRSA’s website.

The SES is urging people to become familiar with best practise sandbag usage. Many South Australians have never had to sandbag their homes or business before, and we want to help people best protect their properties through the most effective use of sandbags. Information on how to most effectively use sandbags can be found on the SASES website.

Call the flood and storm information line on 1800 362 361 for River Murray high flows information, which can be called at any time. New inundation maps and a FAQs are here.