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Join the rising tide of residents taking part in Gawler River levee bank survey

Northern Adelaide Plains residents along the Gawler River are being encouraged to take part in a State Government-funded project to survey and potentially repair levee banks along the river as part of flood mitigation efforts.

Join the rising tide of residents taking part in Gawler River levee bank survey

The Gawler River survey, levee repair and vegetation management project is one of four short-term projects to improve flood management across the Gawler River region.

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is currently working with local councils to visit properties and meet with landholders.

DEW Project Manager Gawler River Flood Management Katharine Ward said so far, the response from locals has been encouraging with 20 per cent of properties along the river from Gawler West to Port Gawler agreeing to take part.

“As part of our site visits, we’re mapping levee banks and identifying hazards to river flow, like weeds and dense vegetation growing in the river channel,” Katharine said.

“Levee banks are artificially raised or constructed embankments or walls that reduce the likelihood of flooding during high flow events in a watercourse and are a very common type of flood mitigation infrastructure.

“However, some work better than others so this project is about getting an understanding of the condition and effectiveness of levees and other flood mitigation measures.

“The most recent flood event in 2016 resulted in $51 million in damages to the local community and horticultural industry, so it’s important we take measures to mitigate future flood risks.

“The findings of technical assessments underway now will inform potential on-ground work, like repairing levee banks or weed removal. In some cases, it may be determined that no work is required.”