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Eastern Brachina Gorge Road gateway to be upgraded

A more impactful eastern gateway entry/exit will be created for the Brachina Gorge Geological Trail.

Eastern Brachina Gorge Road gateway to be upgraded

Located 35 km north of Wilpena Pound, the eastern entry to Brachina Gorge Geological Trail is considered to be the main entry into the park, and is accessed by the Flinders Ranges Way.

In the future, interpretation posts will welcome all visitors to the geological trail and invite them to stop upon entry.

A noticeable upgrade will be the extended, 95 metre shale graveled parking area (accommodating long vehicles) and providing greater safety for visitors who stop to learn about the area.

Adjacent on the western side, there will also be a new, 45 metre long vehicle turn around space created off the Brachina Gorge Road. Both vehicle areas will be distinctively sectioned from pedestrian zones through installation of cypress bollards and signage.

The existing shelter will be adapted to provide a visitor experience that feels more ‘open-to-the-landscape’ and universally accessible. The existing sides of the shelter will be opened with a new adjacent area dedicated to interpretation of the trail.

New seating will allow visitors to linger longer and to appreciate the surrounding environment as they journey plan. The existing memorial stone will be relocated to complement the overall site.

Refuse areas will remain but screened sympathetically within the landscape.