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Conservation benefits for former Belair National Park Golf Course Precinct

The state government today announced they have adopted an amendment to the Belair National Park Management Plan, following community consultation undertaken earlier this year in relation to the former Belair National Park Golf Course Precinct.

Conservation benefits for former Belair National Park Golf Course Precinct

In February 2021 the Department for Environment and Water sought the community’s views on the future development of the precinct, through a master planning and draft amendment process.

Following strong community feedback a new Conservation 3 Zone has replaced the Golf Course/Caravan Park Zone. This new zone will protect and enhance native vegetation communities and fauna habitats, manage a firebreak along the southern boundary, permit recreational activities that are inclusive and low impact to the environment. The caravan park and old clubhouse are included in the new zone.

Several key amendments have been made to the management plan, these include:

  • To encourage the shared use of trails, by promoting activities such as bushwalking, cycling and horse-riding
  • Prohibit high environmental impact recreational use within the zone, which includes not progressing forward with the proposed soccer club facilities
  • Recreational activities that will be permitted include disc golf, dog walking (restrained on a lead), festivals and community events, and bike flow and jump tracks.
  • Demolition of the former Belair Function Centre
  • Support of private sector interest in utilising existing facilities, such as the old clubhouse, to deliver ecologically sustainable services to park visitors
  • Habitat restoration and revegetation of the former fairways to complement the existing vegetation
  • Recognise the continued operation of the caravan park, which may include future proposals to upgrade facilities using ecologically sustainable principles that safeguard the park’s objectives.
  • The zone will also be managed as a bushfire buffer zone as part of the Hills Face Zone Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Management Plan, in order to reduce bushfire risk

Executive Director of National Parks and Wildlife Service Mike Williams thanked community members and stakeholders for their input during the consultation.

“The consultation for this precinct provided a unique opportunity for community members and stakeholders to continue to help shape the site’s future as part of Belair National Park,” he said.

“Belair is South Australia’s oldest, and one of our most popular national parks and it’s an exciting time to see the area reinvigorated with further amenities and experiences for visitors.

“The Belair precinct is an important site for the local community who made it clear they want to see the site protected and restored.

“This change in zoning will reinvigorate and reunite the precinct back into the broader Belair National Park, while offering new experiences to benefit all visitors.

“The new conservation zone will ensure visitors can continue to enjoy recreational activities that are inclusive and low impact to the environment.”

As part of habitat restoration, work will also begin in coming weeks on returning the boundary areas back to their original landscape, with the removal of bunkers across the outer fairways at the former golf course precinct.

In the lead-up to the fire management season, these works will also make the ground flatter and easier to navigate in circumstances that require fire management.

To find out more visit www.environment.sa.gov.au/parkmanagementplans