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Cleland Dingo trio celebrate birthday

A trio of Dingo brothers Dusty, Warragul and Jiemba are celebrating their 6th birthday on Monday 2 August.

Cleland Dingo trio celebrate birthday
Cleland Wildlife Park’s dingoes are celebrating their 6th birthday

Born at the Bargo Dingo Sanctuary in New South Wales, the 100% pure dingo brothers arrived at Cleland Wildlife Park in November 2015 when they were just 3 months old.

Dingo keeper Jason Hakof said the trio have a strong bond but still act like typical bothers.

“They are still young and can be quite boisterous with one another. Sometimes they’ll just be basking in the sun, the next minute one is chewing on the other’s ear, and it’s on for young and old!”

“They’ll be getting a few extra treats for their birthday. They love peanut butter, so we’ll make up something special for them.”

Jason is encouraging people to come visit to help celebrate the boy’s birthday.

“As Cleland Wildlife Park is open 364 days a year, they’re used to regular visitors. By end of the recent lockdown we could tell they were wondering where everyone was, so we’re hoping lots of people will come visit the boys to help them celebrate this special day.”

Since the arrival of dingos on the Australia around 3,500 to 4000 years ago, they have become a keystone predator, and are thought to have contributed to the extinction of the Tasmanian devil and the Thylacine on the mainland.

The biggest risk to wild Dingo’s is cross breeding with domesticated dogs gone wild. It is now estimated that over 70% of wild animals are no longer pure.

The daily dingo feed and talk at Cleland Wildlife Park occurs at 2:30pm and is a great opportunity for visitors to come and learn more about our dingoes, with keepers answering questions and sharing information about the history of dingos and fun facts about the three brothers.

Cleland Wildlife Park is open and has a COVID-safe plan in place that includes mandatory mask wearing indoors.