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Giving nature a helping hand after bushfires

South Australia will be better prepared to support the preservation and re-establishment of the natural environment during and following bushfires with a new framework released by the Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Taskforce.

Recovery at Flinders Chase

The South Australian Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Framework provides a blueprint for future fire recovery responses, using lessons learned from the devastating 2019–20 bushfires and from existing fire management expertise.

The framework includes phased actions which will support the recovery of the plants, animals and natural environment affected by future large bushfires and include both immediate and longer-term actions such as:

  • identifying wildlife and habitat at risk and conduct rapid assessments of species survival
  • conducting emergency wildlife rescue
  • implementing feral predator control within burnt and adjacent areas to protect surviving wildlife
  • controlling sediment and erosion to protect water and soil resources
  • rehabilitating fire control lines
  • engaging the community to inform, involve and collaborate with them in the recovery activities.

The framework has been prepared by the SA Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Taskforce and the Department for Environment and Water, with input from the relevant local government areas, Recovery Coordinators, regional landscape boards and other community stakeholders.

The South Australian Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Framework is available here.

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