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Five Coorong infrastructure projects shortlisted

Five potential infrastructure options to help secure the future of South Australia’s iconic Coorong have been short-listed after community consultation and will now be further investigated.

Five Coorong infrastructure projects shortlisted
Some elements of the Coorong have undergone long-term changes which create management challenges requiring new solutions.

The infrastructure options are part of the $70 million Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin being delivered jointly by the federal and state governments to help improve the long-term health of the Coorong and Lower Lakes.

Following analysis of all the feedback gathered, the following five infrastructure options have been shortlisted and will now undergo a detailed feasibility assessment:

  • A connection between the Coorong South Lagoon and Southern Ocean
  • Coorong Lagoon dredging to improve connectivity
  • Lake Albert to Coorong Connector
  • Further augmentation of South East Flows to the Coorong
  • Additional automated barrage gates.

Director Water Infrastructure and Operations Sue Hutchings said the project aims to assess a range of long-term management solutions to improve the health of the Coorong, with a focus on the Coorong South Lagoon.

“A number of major infrastructure and management options have been identified over the years to potentially improve water delivery and enhance the ecological health of the Coorong,” Sue said.

“Following an active engagement process where the community has been consulted every step of the way, the team has reached a shortlist of five infrastructure projects which will now undergo feasibility studies.”

Feasibility investigations will include extensive ecological response modelling, engineering feasibility investigations and ongoing community, landowner and First Nations consultations.

Stakeholders involved in the consultation process agreed that one option may not be sufficient and some of the options have been merged for the purposes of further investigation.

“It’s important to note this is just an investigation into feasibility at this stage, not a decision to proceed,” Sue said.

“Further community consultation will be required on any options deemed to be feasible before such a decision would be made.

“Through years of monitoring and research, we have built a good understanding of the Coorong and its role in supporting a diversity of fish, plants and waterbirds. However, some elements of the Coorong have now undergone a number of long-term changes which create management challenges for which we need to find solutions.”

Detailed information on the shortlisted options and the consultation outcomes is on the DEW website at https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/coorong/healthy-coorong-healthy-basin

Information on how you can get involved in the next phase of this process will be made available on the DEW website and through future updates. If you would like to receive updates please email projectcoorong@sa.gov.au