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Funds for Hallett Cove Boardwalk

South Australians will once again be able to enjoy the iconic Hallett Cove Boardwalk with the State Government committing $2.44 million to ensuring it is reopened safely to the public.

Funds for Hallett Cove Boardwalk
The State Government and the City of Marion are funding repairs and an extension to the popular Hallett Cove Boardwalk.

The boardwalk will be repaired, reopened and extended, with a new section of the trail sensitively designed and built from Heron Way Reserve to the Field River mouth.

The sections of boardwalk which span the Grey Road and Kurnabinna Terrace gullies will be entirely rebuilt.

“The project is part of the State Government’s $50 million stimulus measure to get more local projects underway to support local jobs and businesses as the impacts of the coronavirus are managed.

The restrictions currently in place in South Australia in response to COVID-19 mean walking and exercising is one of the main activities people can safely undertake outside.

That’s why projects like rebuilding the Hallett Cove boardwalk have been prioritised, as they will provide employment and also give local people another option and activity to enjoy.

The iconic walking trail is hugely popular with the local community and offers some stunning views of Adelaide’s pristine beaches and coastline.

The Hallett Cove Boardwalk is also a popular destination within the new Glenthorne National Park precinct.

One the Boardwalk is repaired and extended, it’s anticipated that around 30,000 people a year will walk the full length of the 8km walkway from Marino to Hallett Cove.

The State Government’s $2.44 million contribution will be matched by the City of Marion, with this section of the project costing $4.88 million.

Project works are expected to begin immediately with on-site works to start within months.