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Support for over 650 licensed water users affected by fires

More than 650 water licence holders across South Australia have potentially been affected by recent bushfires, with the Department for Environment and Water offering support to those who have had water used for firefighting or pumps damaged by fires by adjusting usage totals and charges.

Support for over 650 licensed water users affected by fires
Source: Photo provided courtesy of Jon Burke.

Licensed water users in the Western Mount Lofty Ranges water zone are among the most affected, due to the Cudlee Creek bushfire.

A small number of licensed water users in other areas have been impacted including in the River Murray, Barossa, Lower Limestone Coast and Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges water zones.

Water taken for firefighting purposes is pre-authorised across the state, and should not be included in water use recorded by water licence holders. Anyone concerned that water taken for firefighting may be included in their licensed water use should get in touch with the department, so adjustments can be made to water usage.

The department is also working with those with fire damage to pumps and water sources who need to set up temporary pumping infrastructure to get water to crops or other enterprises.

In this situation, water use will be allowed to be estimated based on pumping times, until water users can have meters and infrastructure properly restored.

The department also encourages impacted water users who are seeking to re-establish bores to get in touch, as they hold well drilling knowledge that may assist and could potentially help to save money.

People with queries or concerns relating to a water licence as a result of the recent fires are encouraged to contact their local South Australian water licensing team.


Mount Gambier: (08) 8735 1134

Berri: (08) 8595 2053

Adelaide: (08) 8463 6876

For allenquires about well or bore reconstruction or repairs in South Australia including Kangaroo Island, please contact the Mount Gambier Water Licensing Team office.