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Catastrophic fire danger closes parks tomorrow

Many parks and reserves across the state will be closed tomorrow (Friday 20 December) due to catastrophic fire danger conditions.

Catastrophic fire danger closes parks tomorrow

The Bureau of Meteorology has now declared six fire ban districts across the state as catastrophic tomorrow. This includes the Mount Lofty Ranges, Kangaroo Island and Lower South East, as well as Lower Eyre Peninsula, Mid North and the Yorke Peninsula.

National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia Executive Director Mike Williams said, the closures would begin at midnight tonight and will be in place until midnight Friday.

“We are closing parks in the districts with catastrophic fire danger ratings in the interests of public safety,” Mr Williams said.

“Very hot and windy conditions are predicted in these areas, which present a very high risk of bushfire.

“Anyone already in a park in an affected area is asked to leave by tonight.

“Park rangers are out in parks now advising people to leave and make alternative arrangements for tomorrow.”

The following parks and reserves will be closed: (includes Cleland Wildlife Park and Belair State Flora Nursery)

Mount Lofty Ranges

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary NP– Winaityinaityi Pangkara, Aldinga Scrub CP, Angove CP, Anstey Hill RP, Belair NP (including the State Flora Nursery), Black Hill CP, Blackwood Forest RP, Brownhill Creek RP, Bullock Hill CP, Charleston CP, Cleland CP (including Waterfall Gully), Cleland Wildlife Park, Cobbler Creek RP Cox Scrub CP, Cox Scrub CR, Cromer CP, Cudlee Creek CP, Currency Creek GR, Deep Creek CP, Eric Bonython CP, Eurilla CP, Finniss CP, Giles CP, Greenhill RP, Gum Tree Gully CP, Hale CP, Hesperilla CP, Horsnell Gully CP, Kaiserstuhl CP, Kenneth Stirling CP, Kyeema CP, Lawari CP, Mark Oliphant CP, Montacute CP, Morialta CP, Mount Billy CP, Mount George CP, Mount Magnificent CP, Mylor CP, Myponga CP, Newland Head CP, Nixon - Skinner CP, O’Halloran Hill RP, Onkaparinga River NP, Para Wirra CP, Porter Scrub CP, Pullen Island CP, Sandy Creek CP, Scott Creek CP, Shepherds Hill RP, Spring Mount CP, Stipiturus CP, Sturt Gorge RP, Talisker CP, The Knoll CP, Totness RP, Waitpinga CP, Warren CP, West Island CP, Wiljani CP, Yulte CP

Kangaroo Island

Baudin CP, Beatrice Islet CP, Beyeria CP, Busby Islet CP, Cape Bouguer WA, Cape Gantheaume CP, Cape Gantheaume WA, Cape Torrens WA, Cape Willoughby CP, Cygnet Estuary CP, Dudley CP, Flinders Chase NP, Kelly Hill CP, Lashmar CP, Lathami CP, Lesueur CP, Mount Taylor CP, Nepean Bay CP, Parndana CP, Pelican Lagoon CP, Ravine des Casoars WA, Seal Bay CP, Seddon CP, Simpson CP, The Pages CP, Vivonne Bay CP, Western River WA

Lower South East

Baudin Rocks CP, Beachport CP, Belt Hill CP, Bernouilli CR, Big Heath CP, Bool Lagoon GR, Bucks Lake GR, Butcher Gap CP, Calectasia CP, Canunda NP, Carpenter Rocks CP, Coorong NP (South of Salt Creek), Desert Camp CP, Desert Camp CR, Dingley Dell CP, Douglas Point CP, Ewens Ponds CP, Fairview CP, Furner CP, Glen Roy CP, Gower CP, Grass Tree CP, Guichen Bay CP, Gum Lagoon CP, Hacks Lagoon CP, Hanson Scrub CP, Jip Jip CP, Kungari CP, Lake Frome CP, Lake Hawdon South CP, Lake Robe GR, Lake St Clair CP, Little Dip CP, Lower Glenelg River CP, Mary Seymour CP, Mount Scott CP, Mullinger Swamp CP, Naracoorte Caves NP, Nene Valley CP, Paranki Lagoon CP, Penambol CP, Penguin Island CP, Penola CP, Piccaninnie Ponds CP, Reedy Creek CP, Talapar CP, Tantanoola Caves CP, Telford Scrub CP, Tilley Swamp CP, Vivigani Ardune CP, Woakwine CP

Mid North

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary NP – Winaityinaityi Pangkara, Caroona Creek CP, Clements Gap CP, Clinton CP, Hopkins Creek CP, Martindale Hall CP, Mimbara CP, Mokota CP, Napperby Block – Wirrabarra Range NP, Pandappa CP, Red Banks CP, Spring Gully CP

Yorke Peninsula

Althorpe Islands CP, Bird Islands CP, Carribie CP, Clements Gap CP, Clinton CP, Goose Island CP, Innes NP, Leven Beach CP, Minlacowie CP, Point Davenport CP, Ramsay CP, Thidna CP, Troubridge Island CP, Warrenben CP, Wills Creek CP

Lower Eyre Peninsula

Avoid Bay Island CP, Cap Island CP, Coffin Bay NP, Gambier Islands CP, Greenly Islands CP, Kathai CP, Kellidie Bay CP, Lincoln CP, Lincoln NP, Lipson Island CP, Memory Cove WA, Moody Tank CP, Mount Dutton Bay CP, Murrunatta CP, Shannon CP, Sleaford Mere CP, Tucknott Scrub CP, Wanilla CP, Wanilla Land Settlement CP, Whidbey Isles CP

CP = Conservation Park, CR = Conservation Reserve, GR = Game Reserve, NP = National Park, RP = Recreation Park, RR = Regional Reserve, WA = Wilderness Protection Area

For more information visit National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia website.