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Growing heritage tourism in SA

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) is seeking the views of heritage and tourism experts, and the community, to develop a vision and shared plan to grow heritage tourism in South Australia, with strong positive results - creating jobs, stimulating economic activity and enhancing the appreciation and protection of the state’s precious heritage.

Growing heritage tourism in SA
Visitors enjoying Adelaide’s built heritage with a city walking tour by Flamboyance Tours

A new Heritage Tourism Alliance, with key stakeholders and experts represented, has been formed to advise the Government and consult with community.

Heritage Tourism Alliance Chair Keith Conlon said the consultation is being undertaken to determine how South Australia’s heritage can best contribute to growing our visitor economy.

“There is significant potential to unlock South Australia’s heritage places and stories to create experiences that showcase our state’s distinctive history, enhance the unique appeal of SA, and encourage visitors to stay longer,” Mr Conlon said.

“To guide how this potential is realised, the South Australian Government, in collaboration with key heritage tourism stakeholders, is developing a Heritage Tourism Strategy and Action Plan.

“A number of workshops are being held in partnership with the Tourism Industry Council South Australia across the state this month to gain input from tourism industry, the heritage sector, local government, Traditional Owners, and those with an interest in progressing heritage tourism.

“This input will help inform development of the strategy and action plan.

“The Heritage Tourism Alliance is keen to hear views and ideas about the potential across the state and how it can be realised. As well, we want feedback on examples of standout heritage tourism experiences and products – both in South Australia and elsewhere.

“Heritage already underpins many South Australian visitor experiences – such as showcasing Aboriginal cultural heritage, exploring the ruins from our mining heyday, staying in heritage accommodation, visiting a museum, connecting with the ancient past in the Outback, shopping in Hahndorf, paddling river and sea ports, or tasting wines produced from 150-year-old-vines – these are the types of experiences we want to expand on.”

A copy of the draft Strategy and Action Plan will be made available for comment and feedback in early 2020.

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