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KI’s natural beauty attracts tourists and film crews

Kangaroo Island’s iconic sites and natural attractions have long attracted tourists, and now it seems the island is also becoming popular with international film crews.

KI’s natural beauty attracts tourists and film crews
Fashion company Goelia recently flew a model from New York to KI for the day to take photos for their autumn collection in Flinders Chase National Park.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (NRKI) Business Support officer Carmen Joseph says the island’s parks are growing in popularity every year.

“In the past 12 months more than 50 different film crews have visited to film fashion shoots or marketing videos, making use of locations from Flinders Chase to Cape Willoughby,” she said.

“There are stunning backdrops at so many of the sites we manage, so it’s no wonder that word is getting out amongst the film and marketing fraternities.

“The majority of production companies are still from the domestic market, however, there is growing demand from international production companies with crews from the USA and the UK hot on the heels of our domestic market.

“Asian companies, particularly Chinese-based companies, are increasingly interested in what we have to offer.

“Fashion firm Goelia recently flew in a model from New York for the day to take photos in Flinders Chase National Park for their autumn collection.

“And a Singapore-based film crew, MediaCorp, filmed an episode of a new English and Mandarin self-drive series in Flinders Chase National Park and Seal Bay Conservation Park, bringing a crew of more than 20.”

The popularity of KI parks is no surprise to Robert Ellis, manager Parks and Sustainable Landscapes at NRKI, who has long championed the island’s beauty.

“I welcome the wider world getting glimpses of the island through film, TV and print media and hope this encourages more people to visit to appreciate the island’s beauty and significance, Mr Ellis said.

Companies wanting to film commercial video or take photos in any of the state’s parks, reserves or wilderness protection areas are required to contact the department to see if they require a permit.