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Dredging to keep Glenelg Harbour open

Specialist dredging at begin at Glenelg Harbour on Monday 28 August to remove the build-up of seagrass wrack, which is partially blocking the channel.

Dredging to keep Glenelg Harbour open
Build-up of seagrass wrack Glenelg Harbour

Department for Environment and Water (DEW) Coastal Manager Dr Murray Townsend said this year’s winter weather has pushed large amounts of fresh shed seagrass leaves - known as seagrass wrack - into Glenelg Harbour.

“The specialist dredging work will help maintain safe navigation for vessels in the harbour,” Dr Townsend said.

“We urge people to be careful when using the harbour, particularly at low tide until the build-up is cleared.”

The seagrass wrack will be moved from Glenelg Harbour and placed against the West Beach dunes to provide further protection against erosion.

The specialist dredging is expected to be completed by late-September 2018.

DEW has engaged Adelaide-based contractors Maritime Constructions to carry out the work.