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Dog rego is changing from July

Renewing your canine friend’s registration this year will be a whole lot easier, but dog owners are being reminded to wait for renewal notices to arrive by post in July.

Dog rego is changing from July

Registration renewal notices will include information on how to pay for dog registration on the new Dogs and Cats Online website.

Dog and Cat Management Board Chairperson Dr Felicity-ann Lewis said Dogs and Cats Online was a one-stop service for all annual registration payments, as well as dog and cat microchipping, desexing and breeder details.

“Dogs and Cats Online will replace South Australia’s 68 council dog and cat registers with a single website,” Dr Lewis said.

“Once dog owners receive their renewal notice in the mail, they can log on to Dogs and Cats Online and follow the prompts to self-manage their pets’ information and pay the annual registration renewal fee.

“Pet owners without computer access will still be able to pay registration fees at their local council office.”

From 1 July, dog registration numbers will be permanent, streamlining pet registration and reducing plastic waste in South Australia.

This means instead of receiving a different-coloured plastic tag from the council every year, pet owners will receive a once-off grey plastic disc from the Dog and Cat Management Board.

Dr Lewis said the new permanent registration number was linked to the dog, so even if an owner moves to another South Australian council area or the dog goes to a new home, it will still have the same number.

“If you prefer, you can engrave your dog’s permanent registration number on a metal disc instead,” Dr Lewis said.

“The metal disc can be as funky as you like, but just make sure the registration number is clear.”

Local Government Authorised Person’s Association Chairperson Rocky Warren said Dogs and Cats Online would also help council officers return found dogs and cats.

“The database will be an extremely valuable tool for Local Government Animal Management Officers by enabling more lost dogs and cats to be returned to their owners prior to being placed in animal shelters,” Mr Warren said.

“This will reduce the stress placed on the pets and their owners.”

South Australian dog registrations are required to be renewed each year by 31 August.

The introduction of Dogs and Cats Online is one of four major South Australian pet reforms starting from 1 July 2018.

The reforms include mandatory microchipping, compulsory desexing and new rules for dog and cat breeders and sellers.

For more information visit http://www.dogandcatboard.com.au.