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Family numberFamilyVersionsAuthor
59 Pontederiaceae
60 Haemodoraceae
61Berberidaceae 1 J. Kellermann
61Berberidaceae 2 J. Kellermann
62Ranunculaceae 2 H. Eichler, J.A. Jeanes & N.G. Walsh
62Ranunculaceae 1 H. Eichler, J.A. Jeanes & N.G. Walsh
63Papaveraceae 1 N.G. Walsh & J. Kellermann
63Papaveraceae 2 N.G. Walsh & J. Kellermann
64 Proteaceae
65Gunneraceae 1 J. Kellermann
66 Dilleniaceae
67Droseraceae 1 J.G. Conran
68Tamaricaceae 1 D.D. Cunningham
69 Frankeniaceae
70 Plumbaginaceae
71 Polygonaceae
72 Caryophyllaceae
73Amaranthaceae 1 J. Palmer & T.R. Lally
73Amaranthaceae 2 J. Palmer, T.R. Lally & C.H. Miller
74Chenopodiaceae 1 P.G. Wilson & R.J. Chinnock