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Strava art to celebrate 50 years of the National Parks and Wildlife Service Act

Celebrations for this week’s 50th anniversary of the National Parks and Wildlife Service Act 1972 kicked off on the weekend with staff starting a Strava artwork depicting the iconic logo of the service.

Strava art to celebrate 50 years of the National Parks and Wildlife Service Act
Mount Lofty Summit

Peter Stokes, a NPWS Project Manager, is plotting and mapping the movements of 50 of his colleagues via GPS technology to create the NPWS logo.

Mr Stokes is well known for his Strava art having completed images of Nirvana’s Nevermind album for the 30th anniversary and for the Koala Life conservation project.

Linda Vears, a NPWS Policy and Project Officer, and NPWS Policy Officer for Protected Areas, Jodi Williams, were allocated the starting leg from Broadview to St Peters.

The 50 participating NPWS employees will walk, run and cycle their contributions to the 350km Strava artwork – Mr Stokes’ biggest yet.

Enacted this week in 1972, the NPWS Act has been critical to the conservation and protection of native wildlife and the environment in South Australia.

South Australia’s first national park - Belair National Park - was proclaimed in 1891, with the current Act coming into power almost eight decades later.

From the conservation of native animals and plants, to the establishment of sanctuaries and the co-management of parks, the Act has remained steadfast despite significant change across the past 50 years.

The NPWS is also calling on former staff and visitors to parks to share their work and visitor experiences online as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Stories or photos to can be emailed to dewengagement@sa.gov.au or post them on your own social media accounts accompanied by the hashtag #npws50years

To find out more visit www.parks.sa.gov.au