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Prescribed burns. Find out where and when burns are taking place.
Seasonal firefighters recruitment
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News and events

DEWNR firefighters

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Are you interested in becoming a DEWNR firefighter? Apply now to be part of the 2014/15 Term Pool Register.
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Fire restrictions

Keep up-to-date with fire restrictions for South Australia's national parks and reserves.
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Prescribed burns

Fire news image - Prescribed burn
The prescribed burning program conducted by DEWNR has concluded for the year.
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Plant regeneration

Burning for Biodiversity
After the fires in the Southern Flinders Ranges, people are being reminded to give the bush a chance to regenerate.
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Fuel hazards

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Assessing fuel hazards can help assist in the planning of the state’s fire management.
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Fire guidelines

Burning for Biodiversity
Ecological Fire Management Guidelines have been developed for all fire-prone vegetation types which occur in SA.
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Craig Lowe