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We live in the driest state on the driest inhabited continent on earth. South Australians truly feel the effects of water shortages, drought, climate change and a growing population.

To ensure that we cope and in fact prosper under these conditions, it’s essential that we use water sustainably now and forever.

In order to use our water sustainably, we need to understand the types of water resources we have, the quantity and quality of the water, and how we’re managing these resources for the long term.

Find out more about the state’s water resources below.


Find out how different types of water resources play a role in diversifying our water supplies. By expanding our options, we can reduce our take from any particular water resource that is undergoing stress.


Find out how and why monitor our water resources, and access data from groundwater and surface water sites across the state.


Find out how we’re managing water for the long term. Including information about water allocation plans and why having a water licensing and permitting system in place is vital.

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