Parks where you can camp around Adelaide

Soon you won’t have to venture too far from Adelaide’s CBD to camp in a national park. Find out what’s in store.

Do you live in Adelaide and want to go camping but don’t have time to travel too far out of the city?

New campgrounds are on the cards for a couple of national parks near metropolitan Adelaide, which will mean you’ll be able to spend more of your time off enjoying nature rather than driving to your destination.

The new campgrounds are being established from later this year, so you’ll have to sit tight until they’re ready – but they’ll be worth the wait. No reason why you can’t start planning though…

Here’s where the new campgrounds will be:


The first campground to be created in a metropolitan national park will be at Onkaparinga River National Park, 35 kilometres south of the CBD, and will fit as many as 40 campers.

A number of upgrades will also take place in the park itself, including a new gorge lookout at the Punchbowl, a new trail network, and upgraded rock climbing facilities.

The campsite will make Onkaparinga Gorge an even better destination for climbers, as they’ll be able to try a range of routes while getting to know the rockface, settle in for a night under the stars, then wake up the next day and feel refreshed and ready to try more routes.


Para Wirra

Para Wirra Conservation Park on Adelaide’s northeast edge will include campgrounds for large and small groups, as well as a new walking and cycling trail network to make the park more accessible.

It will also feature Aboriginal interpretive signage acknowledging Para Wirra as a special meeting place, which will give visitors a more in-depth understanding of the area.

para wirra

Which national parks near Adelaide can you camp at now?

Deep Creek Conservation Park has been the go-to park for camping within 100 km of Adelaide – and it’s easy to see why with its stunning coastal scenery and abundance of wildlife.

As well as its five campgrounds, Deep Creek also has self-contained accommodation, ranging from rustic cottages to architectural eco-retreats. The drive to Deep Creek is less than two hours from Adelaide, so it’s an excellent escape from the city.

Lesser-known but just as beautiful, Newland Head Conservation Park is as close to Adelaide by car as Deep Creek. Stay at Waitpinga campground, just a short walk from the surf beach. It’s sheltered from the wind, and you can choose to camp among the mallee or open areas protected by shrubs in one of 15 campsites.

Campsites at Deep Creek can be booked online ahead of your stay, while Waitpinga campground at Newland Head will be available to book online in coming months. So in theory, if you live in Adelaide you could check which campsites are available online, book a spot, and be out camping in nature within hours.

If you’re new to camping, check out our guides for beginners – including what to bring, what to cook and how to behave at the campground.

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