Tell us why you love the River Murray

30 Jun. 2023 3 min read

We’ve come up with 450 reasons why we love the River Murray – but we want to know yours!

The River Murray holds a special place in the hearts of many Australians.

It’s importance is immeasurable - economically, environmentally, socially, recreationally and culturally.

A healthy River Murray provides benefits well beyond the environment. And those benefits extend well beyond South Australia’s borders and the Murray-Darling Basin region itself.

To celebrate the mighty Murray, we’ve come up with 450 reasons why we love it! The number 450 is significant because 450 gigalitres of additional water is required to be recovered so we can keep loving our Murray well into the future.

So, what are some of the reasons why we love the River Murray?

  • We love the dozens of the towns from Berri and Blanchetown to Swan Reach and Goolwa that line the length of the river from the border to the ocean.
  • We love the estimated 120 waterbirds from the Curlew sandpiper and Hooded plover to the Cape Barren geese and Yellow-billed spoonbill that live, breed and play along the river.
  • We love the 50 native fish from the mighty Murray Cod and Silver perch to the Small-mouthed Hardyhead and the toothy eel-like Lamprey that inhabit the Murray.
  • We love the cultural significance of the river to the Ngarrindjeri peoples and Nganguraku peoples who continue to tell stories about, and care for the country that they have a deep spiritual connection to.
  • We love the 2000 native plant species from the River redgums to the prickly bottlebrush and the black box woodland throughout the region.
  • We love the recreational opportunities the river provides from kayaking and water skiing to the many bushwalks available throughout the landscape.
  • We love the native mammal species of the region many of which are at risk of extinction, from the bandicoots ad bettongs to the quolls and bilbies.
  • We love the commercial tourism operators from paddles steamers to kayak rentals and the Aboriginal cultural tours which help to make memories which last a lifetime.
  • We love the estimated 30 wine brands from the region from Banrock Station and Bookpurnong Hill to Mundoo Ridge and Mallee Estate.
  • We love the gin, the craft beer and the brandies which are produced with love in the region and shipped all around the country and beyond.
  • We love the inspiration for artists the river creates from paintings to prose, music to movies – movies like the internationally acclaimed Stormboy inspired by the book by legendary SA author Colin Thiele.
  • We love the 16 internationally-recognised and protected wetlands from Chowilla to Katarapko and the Ramsar-listed Coorong and Lower Lakes.
  • We love the produce from the oranges and apricots to the almonds and vegetables that are produced in the region but purchased all over the country, including our own world-renowned Adelaide Market each year.
Tell us why you love the River Murray

Get involved

We want to hear what you love about the Mighty Murray.

You can email your reasons along with your name and location to and we’ll share your submission on the 450 Reasons Why webpage.

You can also help spread the word by sharing our posts from the River Murray SA Facebook page. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #450ReasonsWhy.

Want to know more about why we need the additional 450 gigalitres? Read our blog on how water for the environment is helping the River Murray.


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