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Immerse yourself 2018 large

Family-friendly seaside activities for summer

19 Dec. 2017 1 min read

Fancy some ocean fun these summer holidays? You and the kids will love these cheap activities in SA’s marine parks.

Do you want to explore South Australia’s seas, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you and your kids covered this summer.

SA’s Immerse Yourself program offers you a bunch of fun events across the state, including snorkelling tours, sand mandala making, guided tours of SA’s coasts, sandcastle building competitions, recreational fishing, kayaking events, and more.

Family-friendly seaside activities for summer

More than 100 marine and coastal activities are on offer throughout January, with costs ranging from free to $10 per person. Book your spot today.

Do you need a little push to dip your toes in the water? Here’s four reasons why the ocean is great for you:

  1. Splashing, wading, and paddling in the ocean is fun, and breathing in the ocean air can help you sleep at night.
  2. Exposure to the ocean’s salty environment has been found to reduce symptoms of hay fever.
  3. The water helps you cool down and relax, and spending time in nature is good for your mind. Plus, the sand is a natural skin exfoliator.
  4. The ocean environment can inspire creativity. Take a look at some of our weird-looking marine creatures – they just might spark your imagination.
Family-friendly seaside activities for summer

So make the most of your local marine park this summer and immerse yourself in SA’s incredible underwater world to see nature at its best.

Also, keep an eye out for the newly wrapped marine education van – ‘Coral the Caravan’ – to learn more about the 85 per cent of southern Australia’s marine life that isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

Family-friendly seaside activities for summer

If the underwater world is right up your alley, check out ourfootage from below the surface, and learn somequirky factsabout the creatures that live there.


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