Ranger tips gawler ranges national park large
Ranger tips gawler ranges national park large

Ranger tips: Gawler Ranges National Park

01 Jul. 2021 3 min read

Get insider tips on the best places to visit and must-do activities from Ranger Lindsay Brown.

Gawler Ranges National Park is a special place where history, conservation and Aboriginal culture come together.

Located about a 7 hour drive north of Adelaide, the park swarms with wildlife and protects rare and threatened plants and animals, including crimson mallee and the yellow-footed rock-wallaby.

The park is well known for the magnificent Organ Pipes, formed more than 1500 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions. You can find equally stunning rocky outcrops at Yandinga Falls and Kolay Mirica Falls.

Want to experience it for yourself? We’ve asked Ranger Lindsay Brown for some tips for your next visit. Here’s what he had to say:

What is the park’s best kept secret?

The park’s best kept secret is perhaps in the landscape.

The Gawler Ranges formed as the result of an ancient lava flow. The supervolcano event took place over millions of years and is regarded as one of the biggest lava flows on the planet.

The Gawler Ranges have been recognised as one of the oldest geological formations in the world. Over time, they have eroded into the gentle landscape we see today with rounded hills and wide valleys.

The Gawler Ranges are situated at an ecological crossroad where the arid deserts of the north meet with the temperate zone of southern Australia.

The Gawler Ranges is a fascinating place to explore, with more than 650 species of plants and some very rewarding animal encounters.

Visitors can observe big red kangaroos, wombats, yellow-footed rock-wallabies, wedge-tailed eagles and much more.

What are some seasonal highlights?

In late winter and spring, orchids can be found on the hilltops along with a magnificent array of flowering plants.

Take a look at these beautiful plants by heading out on one of the walking trails in the park.

There are two trails, both scaled at a moderate level, which should take you just over an hour to complete.

Feel free to wander through the open landscape of the Gawler Ranges, as it lends itself to informal walking through the true wilderness of this grandiose landscape.

What is your favourite activity to do in the park?

My favourite thing to do in the park is get out amongst the hills and explore some of the park’s unique natural history.

Even after working in this park for many years, I’m often still surprised at what can be observed when you take the time to relax and walk across the hilltops.

The park’s walking trails lead you onto Scrubby Peak, Mount Allalone, Mount Fairview and Shearers Hill, giving visitors the opportunity to discover some of the park’s natural wonders.

Undoubtedly, some of the best views in the park are seen from the hilltops. Views extending across the ranges provide for a treasured experience of how beautifully remote and expansive the Gawler Ranges landscape is.

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