5 colour palettes you can find in national parks

Ever noticed how each national park has its own natural colour theme? Here are some of our favourites.

If you look through pictures of any national park on Instagram, you might notice that the pictures all have a distinct colour theme.

Here are some of our favourite images taken by parks visitors, which showcase some of the most distinct and diverse natural colour themes in parks.

1. Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park

With its clear turquoise water, navy blue depths and lime green algae – Piccaninnie Ponds is a divers’ and snorkelers’ paradise.

(Images top row L-R: @asplashofdirt, @abcrural, @henriquemakoto, Joel Durbridge via Instagram.
Bottom row L-R: @scoobydoobydiver, @asplashofdirt via Instagram, and National Parks SA)

2. Simpson Desert Regional Reserve

This harsh and striking environment showcases ochre red sand dunes, never-ending horizons and bushels of spiky spinifex grass. This park is a favourite of four-wheel drivers and intrepid campers.

(Images top row L-R: @kadins_photography, @susannavitkainen, PBR Images, @brandon_troy_gifford_
Bottom row @craighoustonphotography and National Parks SA)

3. Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park

This park’s colour palette varies with the seasons. In winter, the landscape is green with new growth, in summer the grass dries and dusky, warm colours take over.

(Image top left courtesy of @dretravels, remainder National Parks SA)
(Image top left courtesy of @dretravels, remainder National Parks SA)

4.Coffin Bay National Park

The crystal clear waters and rolling white sand dunes make this a must-see park for beach lovers and visitors to the Eyre Peninsula.

(Images top row L-R courtesy of Katrina Fries, @takeinoutside remainder National Parks SA)

5. Cleland National Park

Cool foggy mornings, winter waterfalls and mossy gullies drench this park in forest green and dappled sunlight.

(Images courtesy of National Parks SA)
(Images courtesy of National Parks SA)

Like what you see? Get snapping when you’re out in about in national parks and share your photos with National Parks South Australia on Instagram.

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