Cleland koala enclosure
Cleland koala enclosure

Coming soon: a new home for Cleland’s koalas!

28 Feb. 2024 1 min read

Cleland Wildlife Park’s koalas are in for a treat as construction of their state-of-the-art home gets underway!

The development of the Koala Loft, scheduled to commence in early 2024, promises to deliver extraordinary encounters with these iconic creatures but will also set a new standard in conservation and education.

Prioritising koala welfare

At the heart of this initiative lies a dedication to the well-being of koalas. The modern facility will ensure optimal housing conditions for these animals, prioritising their comfort year-round.

Discovering the Koala Loft

The Koala Loft is more than just an enclosure. This world-class upgrade will further enhance Cleland Wildlife Park’s reputation for championing best-practice conservation and animal welfare, while continuing to provide visitors with an enriching experience.

Where experience meets education

The carefully designed space, equipped with temperature control, guarantees year-round koala encounters in a comfortable setting.

The Koala Loft will serve as an educational hub, providing visitors with an immersive nature experience where they can engage with koalas and learn about the importance of conservation from our knowledgeable koala handlers.

Construction and progress

It is anticipated that construction will be completed by spring 2024. Throughout the construction period, Cleland Wildlife Park will remain open and operational. Visitors can still interact and observe the koalas. Why not join us for feeding sessions or attend an educational talk conducted by our wildlife keepers.

To embark on your next adventure, visit Cleland Wildlife Park.

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