Mountain biking large
Mountain biking large

Handy tips for mountain-biking in national parks

04 Apr. 2018 1 min read

WATCH: Want to ride off-road in a national park but don’t know where to start? Watch these videos for our top tips.

Riding off-road is a fantastic experience, and a national park is the perfect place to do it, but the thought of leaving the bitumen for the first time can be a bit daunting.

Check out these videos for everything you need to know to ride safely and share the trail:

Getting started

Mountain biking in our national parks - the basics

Trails explained

Mountain biking in our national parks - trails explained

Trail techniques

Mountain biking in our national parks - trail techniques

Looking for a park to test out these tips? These parks and reserves have shared use trails, which means you and your bike are welcome, and dedicated bike trails for every skill level.

Want an insight into what it’s like to ride as a beginner? Check out ourstory from a first-time mountain-bikeras she makes her way throughCleland National Park.


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